no flowers


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And so, when such metaphysical shadows, and such colourless self-concentration of the introspective spirit, had been brushed aside, existence seemed to be transformed into the sunny land of flowers―and, as we know, no flowers are black.

(Hegel, Science of Logic, preface to the first edition, tr. W. H. Johnston & L. G. Struthers)


the plant, light purified from the dark



The plant brings forth its light as its own self in the blossom, in which the neutral colour green is determined as a specific coloration, or, too, light is produced as a white colour, purified from the dark.

(Hegel, Philosophy of Nature III, §270)

covers of ICASE reports in fluid mechanics, applied and numerical mathematics, and computer science


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Due to increasing research being conducted at ICASE in the field of fluid mechanics, future ICASE reports in this area of research will be printed with a green cover.  Applied and numerical mathematics reports will have the familiar blue cover, while computer science reports will have yellow covers.

(note inside ICASE Report No. 93-73)

the dark sky, the slopes of the mountain, flowers’ little cups, delicate primroses, the gleam of the lovely gentian, cistus


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During the night the wind had blown away all the clouds; the dark blue sky was spreading overhead, and in its midst was the bright sun shining down on the green slopes of the mountain, where the flowers opened their little blue and yellow cups, and looked up to him smiling. Heidi went running hither and thither and shouting with delight, for here were whole patches of delicate red primroses, and there the blue gleam of the lovely gentian, while above them all laughed and nodded the tender-leaved golden cistus.

(Johanna Spyri, Heidi, ch. 3)